By air or by sea, you have the choice.

Commercial flights

The closest international airport to St. Barth Airport (SBH) is Juliana Airport (SXM), partly Dutch from St. Martin. But it is also possible to go through San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) or Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe (PTP) to come to the island.

USAIR, Delta, Continental, American Airlines, and United Airlines have direct flights to St Maarten Juliana (SXM) from the USA: Philadelphia, PA; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; San Juan, PR; New York and Newark. Air France, Corsair, and KLM have flights from Europe to St Martin and to Guadeloupe.

Winair, Air Caraïbes, and St. Barth Commuter have shuttles between St Martin Juliana and St. Barth. Air Caraïbes serves St. Barthélemy from Guadeloupe as well. The flight between St. Barth and St. Martin takes 10 minutes. Guadeloupe is 45 minutes flying if you have the chance to have a direct flight. Otherwise it takes about an hour and a half if you have to stop at St. Martin.

It is also possible to charter an airplane for inter-island transfer. This solution is often used between San Juan and St. Barth, but also between Antigua and St. Barth. (British Airways has a very convenient direct flight to London-Antigua). The St-Barth airstrip is short and pilots need a special qualification. For many, landing in St. Barth on a windy day is already an adventure.

Private plane

The runway is 651 meters long, and the approach from any direction is often disturbed by turbulence. As a result, French civil aviation requires special certification for all pilots intending to land in St. Barts.

Visitors usually land in St Martin, Grand Case, from where they can pass their qualification to land in St Barth. The Control Tower will tell you how to contact an instructor. It will take you two or three hours, and you will make approaches with immediate re-launch in both directions. Do not plan a windy day or a day of well-watered party.

The landing fee varies between 8.50 Euros and 12.50 Euros, parking costs 5.5 Euros per night. Warning: there is no fuel or mechanic on the ground. You will have to go to Grand Case airport in Saint Martin.

When you arrive or leave, you must give a general declaration to the immigration officer present at the entrance of the track and complete a flight plan at the Control Tower. Call (+590) 590 27 65 33 or fax to (+590) 590 27 98 46

Instructions for the transport of animals

Animals are accepted on board aircraft, but it is necessary to inquire with the company on its precise conditions. Introduce yourself at least half an hour before the time of check-in. As a general rule, animals weighing less than 5kg can travel in the cabin – without exceeding the threshold of two animals on the same flight – in a special box or bag.

Beyond this weight, the animals travel in the hold – ventilated, heated and pressurized – in approved cages (purchased in a pet shop or at the airport) and specifying the storage direction (up, down).

Price issue, it is necessary to count – on a long-haul – per kilo: about 1,5% of the price of the adult ticket of the single trip in economy class. People with disabilities who travel only through their guide dog should enjoy free service and the presence of the animal at their side.

Note, concerning birds “travelers” and to avoid tweeting and chirps: a black cloth must cover the cage during the flight.

In Private Yachts

A range of services is available for pleasure boats :

  • Sixty berths are available for yachts not exceeding 200 feet (60 meters), with a maximum draft of 5 meters.
  • Moorings in the inner harbor for fourteen boats under 25 meters, with a maximum draft of 4 meters.
  • Mooring outside the harbor for more than 100 boats.
  • Fuel, water, feed and a shipchandler are present on the harbor.

Two hours before their arrival, the boats must contact the port master on channel 16 of the VHF. Upon arrival, the master of the boat must go to the harbor master’s office, bringing the registration documents of the boat and the passport of each passenger and crew member.

For any further information, contact the Harbor Master’s office :

In Ferry

If you fear the landing in St. Barts, the round trip by ferry costs from 50 Euros to 75 Euros.


The shipping company Voyager, and its Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 boats, provide year-round fast and comfortable crossings between the islands of Saint Barthelemy (St Barts), Saint Martin (Sint Maarteen) and Saba.

Directly at the boat Traveling on the pier of Gustavia port at tee times and arrival, ask Dany!

  • Tel: 05 90 87 10 68
  • Fax: 05 90 29 34 79
  • Réservation en ligne : Voyager 1 & 2

The Edge

There is also a fast ferry called The Edge which connects Gustavia to Simpson Bay daily. Liaison once a day from Tuesday to Saturday. It leaves the Marina Pelican in Sint-Maarten, Dutch side, at 9am and leaves St Barth at 16h.