In Saint-Barth, eating well is considered a way of life in its own right. Our wanderings from restaurants to restaurants allowed us to discover fabulous cuisine, mixing Creole flavors with French influences. Follow us and discover the local gastronomy during your stay in Saint Barth, and make your taste buds travel through exotic and refined dishes.

French cuisine in St. Barts

Many local restaurants are run by internationally renowned chefs. Taste French cuisine revisited in Caribbean style and let yourself be surprised by new flavors. During our scouting, we saw with our own eyes the restaurants to provide local fishermen. On the program: sea bream, bluefin tuna, seafood … All freshly caught in the morning!

Many restaurants in St Barts offer French specialties. In addition to traditional marbled snails, you can also enjoy delicious meat dishes such as grilled lamb, duck breast or beef tartare, all accompanied by a traditional baguette!

After the inevitable cheese platter accompanied by French wine, comes the long-awaited moment of desserts. Here, crème brûlée, fondant and other sweets are revisited with local products such as lemon, banana, guava or mango.

Creole cuisine in Saint-Barth

And because traveling to St. Barts is also a good opportunity to discover new flavors, we’ll make you taste some of our favorite Creole dishes. In a territory as exotic as Saint-Barth, it would be a shame not to take advantage of local resources to feast!

You will first start your Creole meal with cod snacks accompanied by a traditional ti’punch, a cocktail made with rum, lemon juice and cane sugar. For the future, we recommend you to taste the typical Creole plate, which allows you to taste several traditional dishes in one meal: cristophine with cod, stuffed crab and West Indian pudding! You can also choose to taste a pork colombo, a grilled lobster or a broth of shortbread … As an accompaniment, local vegetables such as sweet potato, avocado and pumpkin (pumpkin) will be on the menu.

For dessert, we can only recommend the exotic fruits of the island: passion fruit, pineapple, mangoes, bananas, cherries country … They are savored here in all forms, as well in pies as in sorbets, in fruit salads, cakes or jams. And to finish your meal, let yourself be tempted by a local digestive: rum with ginger or rum arranged with vanilla!

The gastronomic specialties of St. Barts are among the best reasons to go on the island. Whether you are French cuisine or Creole specialties, you will find something to delight your taste buds in this ideal destination for gourmets.